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01 Floating Staircases

Many a self-builder or renovator dreams about having one of these impressive
contemporary staircases in their home. At the cutting edge of staircase design, floating
staircases make use of either cantilever action or structural glass to create the illusion that
the treads hang in mid-air.

The impact that such a minimalist approach can have is extraordinary. By avoiding the need for any visible supports, removal of all un-necessary obstructions maximises the level of light that passes through the staircase.

With most of the focus on the treads, altering their appearance makes a big difference to
the style. Thinner lighter treads could disappear almost entirely, whereas introducing
heavier elements such as chunky treads, safety bars or darker finishes can create an
impactful centrepiece.

Take a look through our gallery of floating staircase projects.

02 portfolio


Many thanks for the great job you did with our staircase Meinolf. The combination of good design, precision engineering and your hard work in installing the staircase has resulted in a sturdy yet artistic high-quality structure that blends in harmoniously with the other elements of our conversion, and has attracted many favourable comments from our friends.

It was a pleasure to have you here fitting our stairs and they have been well admired since!! They are a delight to use and we are thrilled with them... Lots of people have seen the stairs and always say WOW, they look stunning! Indeed they do look stunning and soon we will have the new flooring both downstairs and in the dining room which will set them off even more! We are both quite delighted with them and feel as though we live in a picture out of Country Life magazine!!

I went to the house today and saw the staircase. I just wanted to let you know that I think it's great! Thank you so much for this.

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