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01 Spiral

The core elements that have become engrained in the design of spiral staircases are rooted in their long and complex history. Traditionally built from wrought or cast iron and timber, the use of newer, more modern materials such as steel, glass and acrylic give spiral staircases new life.

When a spiral staircase stands on full display within a large, open space, it creates a
captivating focal point. Eyes are quickly drawn to the graceful elegance of their iconic
twisting shape.


Their efficient, compact floor plan means that spiral staircases excel within a confined space too. Spiral staircases climbing up into a tight circular opening can make an ideal access solution for a home office, basement or loft space.

Browse through our selection of spiral staircase projects below.

02 portfolio


…thankyou for a spiral stairs that has exceeded our expectations and you provided a thoroughly professional installation…we would be pleased to recommend your services to anyone interested.

I was on site yesterday and was able to see the completed staircase in daylight for the first time. And I have to say it looked terrific...My thanks to Paul and Meinolf on doing such an excellent job…such a beautiful piece of art…

I am very pleased with the finish on the whole project as for the stairs I am thrilled with them thank you once again.

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