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01 Steel Stringers

Steel, used both structurally and decoratively, is an important cornerstone of architectural
design and construction in our modern age. Staircases built from steel have superior
strength and reliability. Steel components can often be made thinner and smaller than the
equivalent parts in hardwood, which is great for creating more open, minimalist designs.

The neat, clean lines of a steel staircase lend themselves brilliantly to a modern or
contemporary style. Additional touches such as shaping the stringer to be stepped in a zig- zag pattern or smart use of colour can give a staircase extra character.

Stainless or galvanised steel is a perfect choice for harsh environments, for example,
exterior use. Steel is also ideal when looking to add an industrial touch to your staircase,
whether for a commercial application, or to achieve such a style within your home.

Examples of some of our steel stringer staircase projects can be found below.

02 portfolio


Thank you for all your help and guidance throughout the process. We are really pleased with the outcome.

I am very pleased with the finish on the whole project as for the stairs I am thrilled with them thank you once again.

We would just like to thank you for the excelllent workmanship and the efficient manner in which the installation was carried out. It looks great. Thank you.

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