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Timber Stringer


    • Set of two flights of stairs

    • LED lighting system embedded in stringer

    • Upper staircase with inlaid carpet runner


    This stairwell has a lower staircase in American walnut, and an upper staircase in beech that is stained with a colour very close to the tones of the walnut below.

    The upper flight continues the carpet on the landing as a central runner up to the second floor. The runner is recessed into the treads and risers to have it flush with the timber.


    • Two staircases with distinctly different finishes
    • Lower staircase in American walnut, upper staircase in stained beech
    • Lower staircase with 40mm treads and half landing and 20mm risers
    • Upper staircase with 50mm treads and two quarter landings, and 30mm risers
    • Upper staircase treads, landings and risers with rebate for inlaid carpet runner
    • Both staircases with 50mm stringers
    • Bull-nose feature step on lower staircase with rounded end and curved riser
    • LED mini-spot lighting system embedded into the outer stringers
    • 21.5mm toughened and laminated frameless glass
    • Round brushed stainless steel glass fixings
    • Glass capped with 50mm diameter handrails
    • Handrails continuous around some corners using mitres
    • Matching landing balustrade




Timber Stringer

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